Thursday, April 17, 2014

Being #1 9/7/14 update

Cuz my friends troll me

Two  different schools. Best in my town and best in this area.
 (from last week)


Good times.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mind = Blown (it's 1 minute of your life)


You shouldn't have stopped this one. Not THIS one. It takes exactly a minute to blow you. I thought it was an anti-lock brake ad. I was wrong. I have watched it 10 times. New Zealand? Wow....way to deliver a message.

Message received.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

While you were mailing it in...

Update: 12/23/13
Christmas Party in the books.
A picture tells a story.....something like that...

Friday, October 4, 2013

Loco in Yokohama (here's your fucking post...stop mailing me)

Right behind the left ear...tap tap.

Git the fuck off my lawn.
This is your promotional post so fucking enjoy.

You had a moment in time. I had a moment in time. 
Mine stomped a mudhole in your's ass and walked it fucking dry.

Am I a better writer than you? Dude....neither of us is a fucking writer.

I read the intro to the last book...the rape scene. I was speechless in a bad way. Your blog and particularly the comment sections...


Guy writes thought provoking blog posts. 
Goes on to write a book based on thought provoking posts and all the thoughts (comments) it provoked...and..
leaves the comments out???

Too fucking un-real to believe. Your writing was good and the comments the feedback were better. Your commenters are better writers than you. But some are as dumb as dirt like the guy who designed the first book cover. Insisting again and again that understanding the language helps you get along and avoid obstacles and enjoy an over all better quality of life here in Japan.

They speak no English and I speak no Japanese but we "click"..BANG. 

I don't think you were hesitating to fuckheads like Gakkuraman 
(The guy who wears school boy jackets)....that's what Gakkuraman means ...right?
 You are just like them and have been fighting yourself all this time. Embrace the loser in you and accept it. Your them. They are you. Stay on the sidelines and write about what you see and don't pretend you or your fucking psychophants  know anything more than your opinions. Go give a 5 star rating to a friends book you've never even read......truth hurts...breathe it in.

You are so outta touch you're writing a book about teaching. Teaching? You?
No shit.  You are probably the last fucking person who should write about teaching since you work for folks you hate and have never gotten out from under them. You are a fucking cautionary tale. A bad example.
 A guy who wrote a great blog ,got confused and thought he was a writer, then writes another book about a job he could take or leave (as you have said on here a few of the times you have piped in) You're not a teacher you're a fucking assistant. Don't insult folks like me who spend off time working on our on time.

I don't speak Japanese, these kids don't attend juku and they still routinely get the #1 spot in School and National evaluations. They got to Kyoto,Kyushu,Waseda,Tohoku,Todai and now Akita. I've been tooting the teaching horn for years and you never gave a you're writing a book? I wanna write "LOL" but that won't cut it.

  The monkey's not you  you fucking paranoid race're the stick. The monkey is everybody else trying to ...fuck...up. How many guest post/interview/shameless whoreings do you want from folks you only contact when you need em??



Say it to the beat of the drum
It works awesome. Kinda hypnotic.

 Remember that mail around the time of the first book?
 Kinda went like
  (I'm just using these folks so a brother can get out from under...this is the game I gotta play)
 I was thinking.....really? You throwing them under the bus to try and make me feel good? I run my School you work for other folks but you think I'm the fool apparently? If it suits a purpose to throw me under a bus I bet it happens fast. I can only imagine. I don't trust you for shit. I hope they read this. Despite Loco's apparent "Love" for ya'll he tosses the whole herd of you under a get a fucking ...interview?

That's a big moral move for a minor reward. You folks watch your back. And I hope a truck hits you fucking  head on while you got your head turned you buncha fuck heads. for a for a pound.

I don't see the penny??

Get to steppin' with yourself...git....git the fuck off my lawn bruh.

And I'm bouncin'....feel the breeze!!!!

Don't go away mad Loco...just....just go away.

A Parting gift..

(2:10 - 2:30 )

Saturday, September 14, 2013

The "Preparing to scare folks" Open post.

(Mr Bright Eyes is Back!!)

(What sensor lights do after they retire)

Hack a sensor :)

(1.5 meters? You fucking kidding?)

Scaring a kid to death while being a mere 4 to 5ft away is asking a bit having to build shit to hide behind. Nah, just extend the thing to 60ft and watch via PTZ camera on a smart phone and activate shit when you want to from where you want to. 

(Demonica takes a stand)

(Electrocuted Guy needs a chair)

Elegant, no?

Side must be open to accommodate left right sway and wrists need place to be fastened to make seeing the simulated electricity visible

God speed. 
Honestly, I didn't notice his prisoner # until the 20th time I looked at him..Devil's in the details ;)

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The true story of Craigslist Joe

Beginning of Part 1

So you wanna fuck with my blog huh......

Beginning of Part 2

Had no idea what Craigslist Joe was until Will mentioned it in his comments...Will...I will return and comment :)

Just realized I kinda was living that shit while my blog was getting ass fucked. 

Ya see..

I wanted to cook this..

The School BBQ got rained out so I wanted to do something except....I got no fucking friends. Everybody is scared of me or doesn't like me and are scared to say so so they really are one big spineless fucking group.
I jumped on Facebook and thought I need folks who dig West Coast Hip Hop cuz I never go anywhere without my radio..

 I found a crew..a gang that loves Lowriders and BBQ's and West Coast Hip Hop. So outta fucking nowhere I fired off a mail in busted up Google translate  on Facebook and it ...started rolling. I gathered that they were expecting more than just me so I contacted an American drifter group and told each group the other was coming. They were thrilled to hook up. I had made the team to consume the 7rib standing roast.

I jacked this pic of a chicks FB.

The dude below is my boy. Love this guy. He loves his country but he loves mine too. Getting to chat a bit with Jeff (the only guy I knew and had met him a total of 1 times)  and meeting this dude were the highlights for me.

The shaved ice machine is on the left running of the can see the blue cord behind me

Craigslist who? This is the Cultural exchange version.

Now about the blog.....