Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fighting with Gangsters.

I'd pick "C"...wish all choices were so easy ;)

I have made some seriously bad choices in my life. This story touches on one of them

Click on pic

This is my ( actually it's Mr Ma****ige's hood)

If you click the pick you can see the yellow lines which mark where a large wall was. The entire neighborhood was walled off. Inside were women who were slaves in some cases and there by their own choice...I suppose that...even though an old J.S.D.F actually Coast Guard patrol boat Capt. told be about it being basically a place where women who were behind that wall stayed behind that wall.
He said when he was a kid he would come to this street because it had the most lights in the whole town. It was a dreamland to him. He could never walk down this street. He just watched as the gate was open for groups of men to enter and exit. These surrounding streets were not a place to be late at night if you were a lady. This was THE place to be though if you wanted to be with one that you just had to pay for.

It was called "Ishihara" back then but they changed the name in the 90's mostly because of the bad image the name invoked. A lot of the families who live behind the long ago dismantled wall are relatives of the former gate keepers/men's entertainment managers and some of them married some of the working girls. The Boss then was the Grandfather of the Boss now . Their is a dry cleaners down there that nobody uses but one Saturday a month a set of  Benz's can be seen there and around New Years it looks like a Mercedes dealership. They are paying tribute money or something like that?

The Boss who'm I mentioned before has a past with me and he actually makes a point of telling me my Halloween or Christmas display is "Subarashiii"

I don't like his sons but he...he don't look more than 50 (Japanese look younger sometimes) is character outta central casting. Unusually muscled and good looking. Very popular with the ladies..Benz, looks, Badboy macho aura.

I'm told that he was shunned and missed a chance at being with a girl he loved because his father like he would become later was a made man. They still put a lot of stock in breeding and his history excluded him from winning that girls hand with the proper approval. Musta pissed him off...being judged....he rampaged soon after and did a stint behind bars. He is a solid neighbor and the only one I bow to when he passes. He does it for me too. Respect. You gotta earn it to get it and his life and history and present gets mine and my hardwork and lack of tolerance for bullshit and other things gets his. It really is just as simple as that....though their may be 1 more reason and THAT is another post :)

He spent time in jail and was the topic of uwasa just like me. In that sense we can identify. I last saw him at the soda machines behind my house and as he approached with a big smile he noticed what looked like a Chu-hi looking can in my hand at 10:00 in the morning.

I realized his dismay (everyone knows I kicked the booze 2 years ago) so I rotated the can with Coca Cola Zero label facing him...he looked happy to realize I wasn't fuckin up.

I felt nice to have come so far from back in the days. I'm sittin there making small talk with a Boss and he was pleased to see me still on the wagon. It felt nice. He knows the displays will be rockin and I won't be doin stupid shit.

This is a set of bars that are sittin snug and outta the way. They are not for regular people but since I was dumb and drunk I didn't use my fucking head. One of the bad side effects of drinking.

This is the exact club where everything went bad. I don't know what that sign says but it might as well say "Members Only".
I had smashed the back windshield of a bartenders car 2 weeks earlier and it was a bar being protected/extorted/run by the Yakuza. The Bartender was part Filipino and had kicked me out so I had thrown a cinder block through his cars windshield.

The Boss (another one) had sent people to collect and warn me. I paid 40,000yen which was no big deal. I fucked up and got caught. I had to pay. I never had a problem with owning my mistakes. Pay the piper and move the fuck along. THEY threatened to go to the police if I didn't because they supposed I could be deported or somethin??


I walked into this tiny bar and knew I was in the wrong place right away. They were dressed in track suits and dripping with gold while yelling that "OraOra" talk. To summarize...I almost immediately bashed one of them in the face and then started hitting the second one before running out.

This guys boys were on the receiving end of my fists and it would be a BIG problem.

They threatened my boss and the police warned me to be careful (thanks Police ;) )

The "Burn down the School" post is HERE

I got so paranoid that I did this by mistake.

I was Never directly threatened but they made everyone around me very uncomfortable and scared by threatening THEM instead.

As I saw the smile on my street's Boss face( more powerful than the "Red House Boss" in many ways) I realized how fucking far I have come.

Anyway...THAT's the place where the Japan stories really begin. :)

I will continue with the rest of the related stories soon....oh no.....it didn't end there.