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Post Earthquake looting in Japan

There is opportunity in chaos.

Yahoo answers trying to checkmate an overblown and incorrect world view. +1 for Reality
This would be a Japanese nut hugger of the highest order. Now his stupidity is recorded forever (or atleast until this site is yanked ;)  )
His statement is worth clicking the picture alone. Pure fanboy.

I was lucky enough to see the wise old sage Hiroko again.
She is from THIS post and was a witness to the Hiroshima atomic bombing.

We talked about the differences between Sendai and Katrina...and damned if her prejudice and honesty didn't come on full display in the same class. She's a gem.

146 looting cases

40 "Reported" instances of doubt a conservative #

The above (2nd vid) one has English subs and is edited by someone.
(After viewing it it seems both over the top and filled with facts. Shoulda been done in a readable post instead of a vid..IMO)

Americans and others seem to view Japan as some other peaceful place with an indigenous species that is allergic to crime. The Japanese are saddled like any other nationality with some plain old bad people. The image of Japan is often a facade that is very easily consumed by those who dream of an advanced and modern utopia where bad people only exist in Manga or T.V. dramas.

No silly J nut huggers....this country has some opportunistic low life scum bags who would rather make themselves rich than help find survivors of this disaster.  I wonder if the Yakz were behind the bank heist mentioned below because if not they are hunting down the culprit and demanding their piece. Crime is their corner and other competition will not go unpunished or in this case untaxed.

TOKYO — The earthquake and tsunami that pulverized coastal Japan crippled a bank's security mechanisms and left a vault wide open. That allowed someone to walk off with 40 million yen ($500,000).
The March 11 tsunami washed over the Shinkin Bank, like much else in Kesennuma, and police said between the wave's power and the ensuing power outages, the vault came open.
"The bank was flooded, and things were thrown all over. It was a total mess. Somebody stole the money in the midst of the chaos," said a police official in Miyagi prefecture, where Kesennuma is located.
The bank notified police on Tuesday, 11 days after the disaster, said the official, who spoke on customary condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to talk to the media.

Looting rears it's ugly head (The Wall street Journal)


Google is a fantasy land sometimes

How about rape? a grossly unreported crime that booms during these times of lawlessness

Says one woman, "Kobe is no longer a city where women can walk down the street alone and feel safe.
I hear stories of sexual violence all the time.
I've made it a habit to ask someone in the neighborhood to come with me whenever I go shopping."
Another advises; "If you are planning to visit affected areas, don't even think of wearing a skirt.
I hear that Sannomiya has become particularly dangerous.
They say many women visited the area and where either raped or molested."

There are even cases where police allegedly advised women who had been molested not report their experiences, reveals the Shukan Bunshun contributor.
Nakai points out that this is possibly a consequence of the media-generated image of calm and dignified Kobe residents. 

At first Hiroko was surprised when I showed her the story from MSNBC. A little disappointed, but then she opened up and told me about the panic after the 1923 Earthquake which she read about in a novelists book but not in school. I learned that today for the first time.

She is a member of this prefectures Ministry of Justice and she asked me if I knew about the Yakuza in Kobe after the Earthquake? I said that they were clever and used it as a P.R. chance by giving out food and money while the Government was trying to get their shit together.

She said:

" There is always a chance at profit when the Government is in chaos and they (the Yakuza) know that well. I bet they are behind that robbery"

I said:
"Maybe it was a dishonest bank manager...but either way a person from the underworld will find out and get most of it probably so if they didn't do it they will get some anyway"

Then she said something that surprised me but made total sense.

She said, (I'm paraphrasing as this was 3 hours ago) At the Ministry of Justice I learned that some of the Yakuza in Kobe took it (the Kobe earthquake) as a chance to get revenge,settle old scores. She said the Police later suspected that at least 8 (probably more) men who were found in the rubble were actually placed there.

Their families admitted to direct or indirect ties to the underworld and they were not in the areas where their bodies were found. 2 of the men were confirmed to be alive after the Earthquake
by family members (it was 5:46 am when it struck). Their beaten bodies were discovered many days later. Hiroko said that they were beaten and stuffed into the rubble during the first night while other members handed out life saving goods and they robbed and looted Jewelery shops and the like.

Nobody was ever arrested and the bodies were creamated quickly (as is the custom) and the Kobe police were so overwhelmed that it took months for the family members to even get a chance to voice their suspicions. By then....everybody had just...moved on. Trying to put it all behind them.

Click me 4 some rea7ity

Looting by the way would be better than post earthquake "ethnic cleansing" which occurred after the "Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923

In America we have Left (MSNBC) Left/Center (CNN) and Right (Fox) and most of us know that as we consume the sometimes bias reporting. Japans media is not quite the same.

I'm a proud American like Hiroko is a proud Japanese woman but like her..I don't imagine my country to be perfect. That would be delusional. She instinctual tried to avoid talking about Japan's warts at a time of Crisis but once she relaxed she was quite open and honest and the class was quite educational for both of us.

I am glad Google will index this post title because reality is what it is although by reading Googles front search page you might not know the reality. Japan is a very safe country and crime is clearly statisticly lower than most others but this is not another planet and these are people to. They mighta broken into a drugstore to get meds because the Government is blocking American relief workers permission to hand out meds in some kinda bureaucratic mind fuck.

"At the crowded refugee center in Minamisanriku, where 250 survivors slept on the floor, Mr. Abe said the most urgent thing needed was medicine for colds, fever and allergies. But the American airmen said they could not hand out medicine without the permission of the Japanese government, which they did not have.
Something similar happened after the deadly Kobe earthquake in 1995, when foreign medical supplies and even doctors were turned away at the border by Japanese bureaucrats."

Quote from here

This is the stuff that puts the "Super" in "Superpower" ;)

There are people in the Sendai area that see an opportunity in the misery of others. Just like Katrina, just like Haiti,Turkey and other places the dark side of humanity will rear it's ugly head. You don't need to look at it...but don't pretend it doesn't exist. It makes you look like a fool. Don't be a fool.

The veil is slowly being lifted. The government needs to address things...including victims and criminals (that's after they properly help these people.

Stop pushing myths people. Your not helping anyone including victims.
This is Japan folks. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Don't believe the hype...don't EVER believe the hype. (about anything)

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