Friday, June 10, 2011

Japanese Women...The "Gaijin Chasers"

"Do you have a girlfriend??"


That was maybe the first question outta her mouth. Not:

How much is the tuition?

Do you use textbooks?
or maybe

Can I use the supermarket's parking lot?

She was asking if I was single or not within 2 minutes of meeting me for the 1st time.

She's a "chaser" And I'm not into that. Many a geeky virgin has lost their cherry over here because they are just...well...just not Japanese.  Seriously. That's about it. I've asked. I'm pretty straight with my adult students and the "chaser" types are just as shallow as they sound. They try to impress me with comments like:

 "I just don't like Japanese men" 

(um..nice way to take a dump on every male member of your culture with one wide self loathing racist comment....stupid much?

or, "American men are so much better

(does that include the adult, comic book reading, never was too lucky back home ones too?)

Watching someone as they sell their soul and country out with a straight face is either really comedic in a pathetic way or annoying depending on how I feel that day.


I was taking Zoloft at the clip of 100mg per day and drinking about 25 beers a night. Because I was a mess, I had gotten into so many fights that I was required to see a doctor. (I loathe Psychiatrists and was infront of one for the umteenth time) Who spoke almost no English and just prescribed what he thought would put me into a happy non violent coma.

Doctor: Why do you punch people? It's very bad.

Me: Because they look at me.

Doctor: Do they say something to you?

Me: No, I just don't like feeling like a Panda at the zoo everywhere I go.

Doctor:........?......(He never said another word and just wrote the prescription)

The fact that I actually took those pills was a indictment on me and my utter stupidity sometimes...I got worse. 


She (the trial student) was a nurse who had just finished work. It was like a pinkish jersey/jogging looking outfit more than the typical cosplay, legit uniform.

I have had a lot of female students come here because of rumors and truths.
I do fuck the women frequently and I do smash the men in the face but I'm picky about the girls....guys?..nah,.I'll punch almost anything with a dick between the ages of 17-55.

Was it the Zoloft? I kinda think it was. I'm usually a little smarter..

"What do you think about Sex Friends..

She was a bit surprised but quickly responded with a

 "it by case"....(with a knowing smile)

Usually I'd let them study but keep them at bay because I know they are here for the fuck. My looks .. non-Japanese are all that matters. I've seen some of the guys they will fuck and the thought of them banging some Kanji studying hygienically challenged scumface makes me lose interest. They say the "hunt" is as fun as the "game" and I almost agree. I'm a lion. Having a gazelle walk up to me and start sniffing my ass just don't do just don't feel right?


Only later after quitting the Zoloft did I realize how THAT coulda gone terribly wrong to the point of losing everything. I'm aggressive but THAT was ridiculous and if she wasn't such a "chaser" it definitely woulda gone bad. She had not been in the classroom for more than 3 minutes before I was stuffing my "too big to fit in her mouth cock" into her shocked well stretched mouth.

I have done countless...seriously more than 20 (22) (I counted for this post by looking at schedule logs over the past 5 years)...18-40 year old women right here in the classroom...which has a sofa. I often wait more than 3 minutes though.
I sent a mail that night saying maybe another school would be better. She kinda stalked me for a while and then it went...she went away to "chase" another foreigner. I gave her a mouth fulla cum for bein stupid. I'm sure she doesn't see it the way I do. I did that with utter disdain for her ilk. 

I'm a pleaser. I like pleasing women. There is no greater sense of pride than a woman coming out of a haze caused by the massive orgasm I just gave her with my tongue and listening to them talk like a drunk person. Delirious...breathless jiberish ..with an honest to goodness "HOLY SHIT" look on their face.  Yeah...I get a lot of pride from that. 
what? it's classy!!

"Chasers" don't care..I imagine.....they just wanna fuck a foreigner...any one will pretty much suffice. They don't seem like the type who could have a deep orgasm cuz they are very shallow. The girls who have the biggest orgasms seem to be the ones who are the most comfortable with who they are...they can completely relax and live in the moment.The girls who are able to have the massive multiple orgasms are a certain type and they seem to have the same character...the kind I like. The chasers seem to be in the middle of an identity crisis and that's not conducive to big orgasms.They got issues. They are looking for a superficial thing that is literally "skin deep" I just can't believe that they really even care. It's an event, a "get".

They don't get this 1 in a million (seriously I think it's even rarer) love machine. I will not make them the center of my universe with the goal of their absolute emotional and physical satisfaction my only focus.They aint gettin none of this.

I got skills. Man...that's an understatement.


A slight "Caveat lector"...

I think a lot of Japanese girls are terribly confused. They are sexualized at an early stage and it's not rare to see some older guy on a public train or bus looking at a newspaper or mag with girls who look and are dressed about like them (schoolgirls)....that guy might even have a daughter around that age too (very uncomfortable thought).

The most popular post on this blog is so because it has this picture.

This pic is like a fucking pheromone that attracts the nastiest fucks around. I ain't taking it down cuz it's ridiculously un-graphic. It covers about the same skin area as a bikini...what the fuck is the big deal?

It's the fantasy...or something? The girls are no angels either but I think thats a side effect of their early idolization and this places infinite focus on all things Kawaii. The otakus that come over here are just feeding that fucked up machine...would they wan't their daughter bombarded with overt and covert implications about their positions as sexual objects? That post is symbolic. My most visited post will ALWAYS be that one...and it annoys me a bit sometimes.

They call an unmarried girl over the age of 25 a "Makei  inu" (Dirty dog) ..BTW.


Everybody has personal preferences but I've seen J-girls with guys they can barely communicate with and seem to be not all that interested in doing so. It seems pretty clear to everyone except the guy. God bless him but...did it ever dawn on him that he was a virgin till he was 28 back in America for a reason?...hello?....anyone? (that 28 year old is a true and new story)

Boy/Man...boyman?...what the fuck ever..He's just lost his cherry and he's 28...from Kansas. Likes to quote his father the Cow rancher...

I was invited by him to a BBQ by him and said this:

"I hate my father and everyone I punch is him...I heard you quote yours?...I like steak but I don't see what the fuck me and you are gonna talk about??? and if you look at me odd I'll bust your face right infront of her" (his chaser was sitting in the car at a video store while her gaijin almost got wacked)

 Virgin till 28 and you told her so? Just give her the keys to your soul stupid. If I mailed her right now I could fuck her tomorrow. He's gonna probably marry her....

He should just wear a shirt that says:
 "I don't know how to act in bed or anywhere else so just fucking ignore me"

I'm writing this because a trial student (22 female)  did the same thing today.....

Q#1 Are you from Hawaii?
Q#2 Do You have a G.F.?

She's lucky she didn't get a mouth full of cum. Maybe that's exactly what she wanted though??

Chasers caught on video
Oddz N' Endz

1.) If your a woman and you say you "prefer" Americans or Asians I think your fucking crazy. Your a functional "chaser".....hey.. "wave your hands in the air...wave em' all around like ya just don't care...chasers (what?)..chasers (what?) la la la la. laaa."

It's what's inside that counts and the wrapping means very little so if THAT'S how your choosin them than I feel sorry for your partner cuz he might not realize how fucking shallow you are. Looks are everything till a person opens their mouth ...and then you get to see who that person is like on the inside. If your so interested in the wrapping that you accept, compromise, or deal with a less than desired inside...then your fucked in the head. Your bitching and complaining to others or in your head is your own shut the fuck up and wallow in your own shallowness....

la la la la la laaaa
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