Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Japanese kids ...The seed of Monsters.

Oh....oh yeah...FUCK THIS!!! 

Been dealing with Japanese kids for some years now and I gotta say that outside of the ones I teach and have some influence can burn the rest. Especially Junior High Boys. Burn them first.

Western countries are littered with young ALT's that came here with the outdated belief that kids in Japan are somehow different and more well behaved than in other countries and were,  as a result, traumatized and disrespected to the point that they asked out after their 1st year of a 2 year stay because they couldn't take it anymore or they wanted to start killing kids.

The education system is very patient and the rivalry between the P.T.A's and Teacher Assoc has turned the adult level communication toxic and they supply teachers with handbooks on how to deal with "Monster Parents"  More "Monster Parents"

"More than 60,000 teachers and workers in Toyko’s public school will get the handbook. Government stats show teachers who are absent because of mental stress make up 63% of the sick leave taken.
The rise in ridiculous parental demands has been connected to what some experts are calling the “commercialisation” of the education system. Over the past 10 years, parents have been able to choose where their child goes to school. This has seen schools competing, and parents acting like customers in a department store, according to one academic who has studied “monster parents” in Japan, Naoki Ogi."

Public School teachers in my area frequently "take leave" because of the stresses of many things but usually the last straw is some ridiculous parent not accepting that their Angel is no Angel...or Prince.

At the J.H. years which they are not kids and clearly not adults it's like the rest of the world and when it comes to mental and physical bullying it is often worse because the system to punish bad kids is very vague and victims feel trapped and in some cases that I know of....they just stopped going to school completely. The teachers know why but are powerless..literally, to do anything except send assignments to the kids home.

I'd love to TKO a few kids

If you plan on coming to or have just arrived in prepared. The classroom can often be a zoo and the zoo keeper has no whip and the animals are not in cages. I come from America and we have metal detectors at Schools but if I ...which I did...interrupted a class I was out instantly..then a 1 day suspension followed by a 3 day followed by a week and finally full expulsion and it happened to me 2 times.

At least my teachers had a way of getting me outta the way fast. I really feel sorry for Japanese teachers in this country.

I was a bad kid and now I gotta (not in my School) but in general, put up with gross disrespect and there is not a fucking thing I can do unless I wanna lose everything. My student pointed out that my stresses might be some kinda karma?

Yeah...never dawned on me!?
Thank you Einstein 

All around Japan a thousand dreams of peaceful respectful children are about to be shattered...along with sanity. Alcohol consumption is gonna rise and some people are going to become functioning drunks for the 1st time in their lives. Living from one beer to the next cuz it's the only thing that will keep them from giving up everything they know to be right and just start smashing objects off of kids heads 
(c'mon....don't pretend you never thought of it ;) )

To those about to be rocked...I salute you!

Welcome to Japan