Sunday, August 14, 2011

Obon 2011. Enjoying some "Japan"

Cultural Learnings of Japan for 
Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Hawaii

2 cookies..Chip Ahoy's....for anyone who can tell me the song playing in the background :)

too fucking tired to take off the mask....fucking beat!

Like a "Boss"!! a fucking boss who can barely stand up...I was SOOOOO fucking tired I forgot to take the fucking breather outta my her hand motions make sense...I thought she was swatting a mosquito.

And the healthy fuel for the temple i call my body?....meat and cheese fried and dipped in mayo....seriously.
That's my diet :)

Swim in the sea. Pose like some mental case infront of everyone....then go to my favorite place with a couple girls and gorge myself on everything that can be put on a stick...fried and dipped in something.

I was beat from teaching a neighbor kid to hit the heavy bag then go snorkeling and then go out to eat.


The Japanese call it (Koo-she-kat-zoo)....
a.k.a Heavenly food of the God's!!!

I almost have little orgasms at this place. Fucking ridiculously awesome. One of the girls is from Tokyo and she was blown away. She said the food in Tokyo is shit and expensive. (She's 25 and Japanese). She was thrilled at the price and quality and getting to chat with a stud like me....even though I was acting like a giddy little girl ;)

If your ever near my area I'd highly...HIGHLY recommend this place.

You can click the full screen icon to get a bigger size. The secret river spot is not so secret as there were a ton of people there. Fuuuuck!! Oh well...I knew her (the river) b4 she was famous.

When you jump from heights into water keep your feet together or it'll feel like your ball sack got kicked into your stomach. Despite that debilitating injury I jumped again....cuz...well I cupped my hands over my nut sack the 2nd time. I'm a monkey...but I'm learning.

(sorry to any monkey lovers) I actually jump from various heights every year but if my feet drift open it's "smashed nutbag city".

oh..shine a light...;)

Happy non National holiday!!

I'm fucking beat. My nuts are sore from jumping. My ears are sore from diving too deep and I ate more food in 3 days than the last 3 weeks.

a.k.a  awesome.

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