Saturday, October 22, 2011

Confession of a Japanese Schoolgirl

Doing dumb shit.
I swear...
I didn't see it coming.

She said she didn't like her nose..

I said "It looks fine, the schoolboys back in Hawaii would be crawling over each other for a date with you"
(it's true but maybe I shouldn't...)

She said she didn't like the shallow level of "girl talk" at her School.

I said "Your a little ahead of them. When they get outta high school some of them will grow up to where your at now and the rest will be working at the cash registers you buy stuff at."
(it's true but again...)

She said the boys her age were too immature and uninteresting.

I said "I didn't mature until my days trolling the beaches. In H.S. I wasn't the winner I thought I was. Boys are like Whiskey. Best aged at least 18 years and even then there's no guarantee's."
(it's true..)

How dumb can I be?

Pretty fucking dumb apparently. In the back of my head I supposed what was going on . It's a private lesson and her level is ridiculous. Like 1 in 110,000 (All of Japan that took that voluntary test)

She came here as one of my 1st students and now 6 years later she's a young woman with all the confused emotions that come at that age. When she was 9 she'd flash her panties because she didn't care and say "iii yo" if I mentioned she might wanna stop. Now she wears a School skirt that barely covers her ass and I have to intentionally pay attention to not let her do that now.....flash me by accidental on purpose.

(a.k.a "The BIG hint")

There was a story in the media about a schoolgirl that had sex with a teacher and was asked to leave. She was suing to get back in because her academic career was about to be in shambles and she was apparently very bright (sans the fucking teacher mistake).

She asked me what I thought?

I said "I think if the teacher had waited till she graduated...which was soon...we wouldn't be talking about this because we wouldn't even know so I think this guy is not really a "man" because he couldn't wait and now his name is dirt and his job is gone because he couldn't wait a few months...he's at the least very impatient and immature and surely dumb as a cup of dirt."

I asked what she thought?

She said "If two people are attracted to each other then nothing can get in their way. It's human nature."

(I wonder what expression my face was giving at that moment?)

Yeah..I know....shoulda been clear right then.....RIGHT THEN!


She said she wanted more than a "teacher/student relationship" after proudly showing me her test.  Since I'm a conversation teacher it's a big deal for her to show me she's catching everything clearly. She's already a pre-1 and a 650, so she can get the other grammar scores when she's in the mood. I already knew she was in it (the conversations) but I never believed she'd call my bluff.

She did.

Explaining to a 15/16 year old girl why it will never work is not as easy as it would seem. I explained that it would be many years and boys and men before she even knew what she really wanted. I said boys are like ice cream and you should try all the flavors before deciding which one is best because she wont know until she's tried it/him. She said she "wanted to try my flavor" and I realized I was digging a bigger hole.

Honestly I felt like I musta been inhaling paint fumes or something because I was sounding SO FUCKING STUPID

When women hurl shit at you that you said years ago you can be assured that the skill starts early because she was using words I had said and forgoten and taken outta context and if I was being prosecuted I woulda been found guilty of leading a girl to water and not letting her drink when everything I had said seemed to indicate otherwise.

She has apparently achieved an outstanding level in communication with a goal in mind. 


Oddz N' Endz

1) Messing with a young girls head is bad any way you slice it. I have been lightly flirting right back at the school girls for years. No harm no foul I thought. Wrong. 

2) My view on sex with minors is pretty clear and deep. I consider myself outstanding in bed and a girl with no experience will never know how great I am until she's had regular or bad.  I know that I would regret something the moment after it began. I wouldn't be able to look in the mirror and as I've said's a big deal for me to be able to do so. Violence to other men on an extremely vicious level has caused me in the past to avoid mirrors. Messin with a young girl would turn me back into a raging self loathing alchy. No thanks. Been there and done that (raging self hating loon I mean)

3) The worst part of all this is that I came off like a total hypocrite. 
"Follow your heart"
"Take what you wan't and apologize to no one for doing so"
"Winners win and losers lose at most everything they do.....your a winner"
"Your a beauty and the only thing to worry about is if you will ever meet a man that appreciates how special you are inside and out"
(yeah, I really said that...shoot me please)

I said tons of stuff like that. Never sexual but pretty fucking close and for a 15 year old girl it musta seemed like a  1hr heavenly shower of confidence and inspiration.

4) She's gonna win at whatever she does and my words are connected. She is the best in her school and she can talk about politics,life or whatever and I am how it happened. If it's possible to feel proud and terrified at the same time I felt it while she was questioning my life theory and trying to convince me I was not following my own "Life is a one time thing so go big or go home" policy.

She was right... but.. it... was wrong but damn...she did it all in articulate English. :)

and 5) I know a new ALT is sometimes visiting but not commenting. You might know her and she almost was invited to tomorrows party. She knows or will know all the horror stories about me and Yakz and fighting and dramatic dramas. She'll probably stay away like her predecessor though her coworker did join last year. I can post this because under scrutiny it's just a cautionary tale. No punishable events no things to bury.


That's about 100 thousand at a Super Bowl. Add 10 thousand more and she beat that many and came out #1 across the nation. 

She's gonna get what she wants in life. Besides me.