Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas (The Cultural Exchange)

I have not been a good blogger recently but I have been the "Super...Holy shitwhatthefuck did he do this year ?"...... dude. I got vids and pics and stuff to brag about. 

More later.

Ya think she's gonna remember this for a bit?...Yeah...she's gonna. I was taking the pics so they were tripping....speechless. Santa isn't real....right?.......right!?!?!

Much more later :)

Back to the very beginning...

Sitting at the computer thinking about what I'm gonna do to cause ADHD overload!!!!!

I got all Picasso and shit ;)

Then I took actual measurements

Only pic of the cutting painting screwing phase because it was ...I was fucking busy :)

Started hanging shit around the 2nd week of November because it needs time to settle
a.k.a , I had to sit for a long time looking at it and reconsidering things because once the wires are up...I'm stuck

The black mesh hiding the transformers and wires and everything was a stroke of genius. It's breathable,cheap, light and easy to staple gun into place. Looks way better than last year

A mother noted that there were no dangerous screw tips sticking out  cuz they were behind the mesh......oh...oh yeah ...that too...I did that for the kids.....fucking NOT!! but looks like I did....perception is reality :)

6 platforms at varying heights. I put a lot of time into the aesthetic balance. 
I had done well.

The first night of the display was a FAIL.
The balance was way off and the left side was very "busy"....balance was not there.

I moved the OG Santa too the prime left spot and dropped the bathtub santa outta frame. I added 2 LED color trees ass supporting cast to the 4 meter tree on top off the roof and balance was made.
I spent hours looking at it and it was was balanced.

The Cast of the 2012 Christmas display:

Animated deer. It's (the big one on left) the oldest display item I own. It is a war horse/deer and if it died I would pay to have it's little motor fixed. It's special to me. It's little brother was bought this year and it's lights promptly failed which required a edge of roof moment I coulda done without. The little one isn't even animated and it's lights die? 

The first inflatable I ever bought and he eventually got the "wide left" display platform he shoulda ' gotten anyway. He is a work horse as well. The newer versions of this prop have faces that are kinda scary and are painted on. He's got the 3-D face and I'm glad I got him back before the recession hit the balloon market :)
He's still the BOSS!

The see saw santa/snowman is a real kid pleaser and it's well lit at night which is important. Nice see saw action that keeps em' watching for a while even in the freezing weather.

This is what happens when you don't preview a balloon on Youtube assuming someone did an honest review. The igloo is cool but what the fuck is on the roof? A dead Yak?...luckily in person it's clear enough but the R&D dept cut too much corners on this one.

Note the light in the head...very nice and the deer has a cute face. It's big and sounds like a harrier jump jet. They use smaller motors now (to save money) and that means smaller fans which means it's a vacuum cleaner dressed as Santa in a tub. I love it so much I gave it the OG Santa's spot but quickly reneged and put it down where you can see it propper and BOSS/OG Santa gets his proper respect...everyone is happy.

This popping outta tree santa takes it's sweet time but that's cool when someone is focusing on another thing and he slowly comes outta the tree. me likes it.

This painting has exquisite detail you can't see until your up close. It's a treasure. It includes my 2 cats from Hawaii that passed away wrapping presents with me behind Santa.

The difference in distance from my spot to Waikiki and the North pole is within 100km...almost a triangle. It's very heave and hanging it by myself was very dangerous.

If I put this in the middle of the Tokyo dome with the domes lights out would this thing light it up?
It's gonna cause a plane to land on my school someday.

At over 4 meters from star to rooftop it's big. I had a near dumb death experience trying to adjust the star while on a split ladder...on the roof. Weak in the knees.....swearing to go no higher if I made it off that roof. I did...and I will keep that promise.

The party?

Falls in the "Win" column...

Most folks have had a "tough" steak in their lives. Most folks have had a dry Turkey in their lives. If you have gone to my School since I used the haven't....they have no idea what a dry turkey is.