Friday, January 4, 2013

Yasukuni Shrine and the Myth of Hideki Tojo

Yasukuni Shrine

Hideki Tojo
東條 英機 

From Wikipedia;

According to the written report of Mizota Shūichi, interpreter for Admiral Mitsumasa Yonai, Fellers met the two men at his office on 6 March 1946 and told Yonai: "It would be most convenient if the Japanese side could prove to us that the Emperor is completely blameless. I think the forthcoming trials offer the best opportunity to do that. Tōjō, in particular, should be made to bear all responsibility at this trial."[33][34]
The sustained intensity of this campaign to protect the Emperor was revealed when, in testifying before the tribunal on 31 December 1947, Tōjō momentarily strayed from the agreed-upon line concerning imperial innocence and referred to the Emperor's ultimate authority. The American-led prosecution immediately arranged that he be secretly coached to recant this testimony. Ryūkichi Tanaka, a former general who testified at the trial and had close connections with chief prosecutor Joseph B. Keenan, was used as an intermediary to persuade Tōjō to revise his testimony.

Go read all you can about Tojo..keep the "Class-A-War criminal" thing in mind and read the quote below and tell me what the guy who said that is?...besides glorified and famous.

"It seems to me that the moment has come.. when the question of bombing of German cities simply for the sake of increasing the terror, though under other pretexts, should be reviewed...." 

-Winston Churchill

Yeah, he gave the French their own Pearl Harbor too

This is not "Apples and Oranges", this is varying degrees of spoiled and rotten apples, at the core identical further out less so but not as different as alike.

At least a million civilians died as a result of that policy review within 3 years. 

The Americans lost many planes and many many good men by trying to stay out of the Brits way which was appalling to them at the time (imagine an American finding a Brit's actions appalling...their (American's) families being far away from the hell that was Southern England allowed them such a moral dilemma) until their loses from daytime raids became untenable and the cold reality and practicality of Churchill and his advisers became clear.

B. Estimates made by US and UK Governments
 The Effect of Bombing on Health and Medical Care in Germany gave a figure of 422,000 dead. The Germans estimated 550,000 civilian bombing casualties

We did it quite well all by ourselves...
Letting go of morals and ideals costs a lot...for the other guy.

In the 9-month long civilian bombing campaign in Japan, over 580,000 Japanese civilians died.

Tojo was in fact judged by his peers. Killers. Mass murderers. History was written and the Japanese Royal family was mostly spared scrutiny whether that was right or wrong it was deemed practical at the time and maybe it was?

As an American and a Hawaii resident who has stood over the Arizona memorial shoulder to shoulder with Japanese and American vets from the period (which is odd..let me tall ya) I think Tojo is just a Japanese bad guy....every country's got it's own.

 Churchill who helped create a doctrine which intentionally targeted women and children and those too old to fight.... to break the will of those who better?

Your joking right?

McArthur wanted to Nuclear carpet bomb N.Korea,China and perhaps Moscow.

Regional U.S. commander Gen. Douglas MacArthur, in interviews published posthumously, said he had a plan at the time to drop 30 to 50 atom bombs across the northern neck of the Korean peninsula, to block further Chinese intervention.

The nuclear silos in Okinawa were built to facilitate this plan which was revised to around 28 Nuclear weapons. 28......20 fucking 8 nuclear weapons to be dropped. People talk a lot about the Cuban Missle crisis because we almost got wacked but as a Global game changer THIS woulda had a bigger impact and it was a plan that was well underway. Stop the march of Communism? them all the fuck up and set them back decades.

Who are the good guys and who are the bad ones depends on who your asking.

The next time someone mentions Tojo in relation to tensions between neighbors realize the person your listening to probably doesn't know much more than shit. It was war. He took a bullet with the long term goal of protecting this countries future. They still executed him. 

Tōjō was sentenced to death on 12 November 1948 and executed by hanging 41 days later on 23 December 1948. In his final statements, he apologized for the atrocities committed by the Japanese military and urged the American military to show compassion toward the Japanese people, who had suffered devastating air attacks and the two atomic bombings.[29]

I can't even say he had it coming...a lot of people have it coming and it's the winners who get the final say. Not because they are morally superior...they just's all about winning. 

Tojo wrecked this country and he got his. That he is still the point of ignorant debate ...debates in which anyone being remotely reasonable towards Tojo's actions and culpability is seen as an apologist is ridiculous and ignorant. Learn your fucking history...turn off your magic holier than thou switch and have some perspective. If I were a Japanese person I'd be driving a black truck and spitting on anyone who was disrespecting my countries war dead.  I have a MASSIVE American flag right behind me where my students can see it always because I never wanna be confused as being from anywhere else besides America...because I love it warts and all. If I were born here It would be a Japanese flag.

Tojo was a warrior in a war. Respect him.